Drop in Yoga | Daily Hatha Yoga


These classes offer the basic practice of various classical yoga poses to bring about a sense of physical and mental health. The very word hatha means to balance the sun and moon energies or both sides of the brain to attain a state of harmony. This form of yoga practice suits all genres of students whether you are beginner or intermediate practitioner. Duration of each class is 60 minutes, which starts with some initial relaxation and then followed by the warming up sun salutations and then finally the practice of various asana poses. The well experienced teachers ensure that no one feels left out and provide assistance to the students who need it.

Whether you’re a beginner, deciphering the difference between vrksasana (tree) and sirshasana (headstand) or an advanced yogi who can put both feet on their head, the Yogashayan Open class welcomes you, as it is open to practitioners of all levels. You work at your own pace, following the teacher’s verbal as well as hands-on guidance. Asana options will be provided for beginners, intermediate and advanced students. A typical Open class incorporates the classical yoga teachings as relevant to one’s life on and off the mat supported by chanting, breath awareness, flowing vinyasa sequences, alignment exploration, hands-on assistance, relaxation and meditation. All Open classes include a sequence creatively designed by the teacher. The class is called “Open” because it is open and suitable to all levels of practitioner.


  • Hatha Yoga: Learn Hatha Yoga intensive practice every morning and evening
  • Modifications and variations of numerous postures
  • Alignment/adjustment techniques every day
  • Regular themed asanas
  • Correct use of props such as blocks, bolsters, straps, blankets, and walls


  • If you have being practicing yoga continuously and want to move to the next level.
  • You want to learn and practice in a compassionate and non-competitive yet challenging environment.
  • Are looking for a comprehensive, safe, well/structured, anatomically precise yet intuitive approach.
  • You wish to explore the subtler and deeper level of awareness.
  • If you want to join the growing community of yoga practitioners who are committed to high quality yoga training.
  • If you are interested in shaping your yoga practice and expanding your network of fellow yogis.


Monday to Friday
07:30 AM – 08:30 AM
10:00 AM – 11:00 AM
18:00 PM – 19:00 PM
19:00 PM – 20:00 PM
Saturday & Sunday
09:30 AM – 10:30 AM


intro offers 

1 Month Unlimited Intro Offer
Rs 3000
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Rs 300
Single Class
4 Classes
Rs 1100
Rs 275 / Class
8 Classes
Rs 2200
Rs 275 / Class
10 Classes
Rs 2500
Rs 250 / Class

Unlimited Classes Prices

1 Week Unlimited
Rs 1000
3 Months Unlimited
Rs 7500
Rs 2500 / Month
6 Months Unlimited
Rs 13500
Rs 2250 / Month
1 Year Unlimited
Rs 24000
Rs 2000 / Month