Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga School in India

Yogashayan is placed among best yoga studio in India for the innovations of teachings that Ankit and Rakesh have brought and made the ancient teachings alive to a new generation, making it relevant in a contemporary world. They are pioneers in teaching yoga demonstrating that yoga is a living tradition, a complete method for attaining lasting happiness that is available for all beings

Yogashayan is rooted in the original meaning of the Sanskrit word yogis restas “perfect seat, connection or relationship to the self”. Self implies all of life. Citing the ancient philosophy, Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra, which states that Asana should be sthiram and sukham. Yogashayan is a Perfect Yogic posture, uniting opposing forces of Sthiram (Rigidity) and Sukham (Comfort).Yogashayan maintains that ones relationship to others (asana) should be mutually beneficial and come from a steady (sthiram) or constant place of joy, ease (sukham) i.e. self which is infinite by nature.

This philosophy, when put into practice,has the potential to bring about meaningful change in the way present society functions. The ongoing exploitation of mother Earth and the current global destruction due to covid 19 is based on the idea that everything on Earth exists solely for human selfish benefits and purposes. If we practice yoga asana as more than a physical exercise; it becomes a way of life to improve one’s relationship to all others and thus lead to the dissolution of the sense of separateness, the realization of the oneness of being and the discovery of ever lasting happiness for oneself that comes from integration and concern for others.

To achieve this mission, Studio Yogashayan offers a range of classes from Hatha yoga to Ashtanga Vinyasa and many more styles that helps you connect with your inner being and move forward on the path of yoga. Check out our fantastic teacher line up, stay tuned for our yoga teacher training program and other exciting news.

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