Yoga !!! Just like that

A lot has been written already on the subject of yoga and its significance in life of mankind.This article has no intention  to present any new facts ,findings or knowledge about the yoga as a object.The author personally believes and feel that yoga practice and its understanding is always a unique individual experience which may vary to different levels depending on its approach by different individuals.Most of the articles and books related to the yoga mainly focuses on either its working methodology,benefits,anatomy or various other information which can actually be of immense help to the reader.But having said that its seems quite clear that yoga is not all about a healthy body ,a calm mind,acquiring more wider knowledge of its various philosophies or any other outer extension.Instead transcending all above levels one by one it offers a realm where one is just there practicing ,for no result thereafter but in practicing only the result is also achieved. The practitioner shed all his knowledge and enter a space where he find himself on his yoga mat practicing “Just like that.”

                Usually what we understand as life is what we experience and live through our senses in this world around us, therefore the relationship here is always is of the nature of experience and the experiencer. The path of yoga ultimately aims to bridge this gap between object and subject.It wont be incorrect to say that without any such experience of even momentary non duality , the practice of the asanas,pranyama or meditation cannot be called yoga. Although the practice begins with something very lucid and logical like the various yoga postures and breathing exercises,but gradually as practice advances it should lead one to subtle experience and from lucid dry logic to wonderful world of mystery.The practice which is aimed for such higher subtle realm experience only qualifies to be called a yogic practice. 

   Yoga can also be understood as a way or means to expose oneself to the wholeness around us ,so that in that state of vulnerability we can shed our mundane thinking behind and can have glimpse of something which is beyond our past memory and understanding .Such deep experiences can refresh our whole being and can provide us valuable insights to progress in this life in more balanced manner.The moment when we assume any movement of body and mind to lead us more deeper levels of existence ,then that same act becomes yoga ,no matter whatsoever it is.So even enjoying a beautiful piece of music or reading a classical poetry can become the act of the yoga,if it lets the experiencer to shift his awareness to subtle levels. Hence, the idea of yoga can be incorporated into almost each and every movement we make  in daily life.

The asana,pranyama or meditation which we normally associate or practice on the name of yoga are merely just the primary indicating tools to deepen our sense of awareness.The seeker at some point of time during the practice transcends the limitations of time and space, weaving  a subtle fabric of abstract glimpses of a new life,which is like a splash on the dust laden surface of our understanding. Such experience is a real blessing and provides the necessary push to tread further into unknown for a seeker from the world which is so mundane and squeezed already to its potential.The constant confrontation with the impossibility to extract any long lasting stimulation ,the way of yoga becomes the only way to perceive this life.One needs to perpetually outstretch his comprehensive capabilities to live sane fully in this world around which is limited and so much bound by time and space.Therefore the story which might  starts at ones yoga mat or a bench of some garden can gradually expand to consume whole universe into it,just like that….